Premier Project Solutions

About Premier Project Solutions

Premier Project Solutions LLC is a 100% woman owned small business. Premier specializes in providing professional project scheduling services on complex engineering and construction projects for both the Public and Private sectors. Our goal is to add value to our client’s projects through the management of correctly designed and executed schedules, which are essential for effective project management. Our services include the preparation and updating of schedules based on actual project progress, as well as analysis and detailed reporting of contractor’s schedules.


Premier Project Solutions LLC is pleased to provide technical scheduling services as requested for both the owner and the contractor. Scope of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Perform in-depth schedule analysis of baseline schedules and monthly updates to ensure conformance with contract specifications
  • Provide detailed reports of schedule analysis to include constructability review, productivity analysis, sequencing review, etc.
  • Perform reviews of Time Impact Analyses submitted from contractors and analyze delay events and quantify lost time
  • Attend regular schedule meetings and act as your schedule representative


  • Work closely with the project team to develop baseline schedules per the contract specifications
  • Train project personnel on reporting requirements to reflect accurate progress
  • Update schedules on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as required basis and provide detailed progress reports
  • Generate Time Impact Analyses to submit to the owner and analyze delay events and quantify lost time
  • Review subcontractor’s schedules for contract compliance, constructability, and reasonableness
  • Attend regular schedule meetings and act as the schedule representative from your firm


Phone: 732-614-5211